Why Home Visits?

Home visits are an old-fashioned way for doctors to visit with patients. Old-fashioned home visits may have gone out of style but they do have their benefits.

Patient Comfort

Patients are more comfortable at their own home so they may remember details about their own health better if they are in a familiar setting.
Patient comfort results in more accurate blood pressure and pulse numbers.


You have access to your own medical records, supplements and medications in your home which reduces errors when reporting this information to the doctor.

Environmental Assessment

Environment can play a huge role in health. While the doctor is in your home, she can take note of any factors that may need to be adjusted for your benefit. For example, one of my patients complained of chronic allergies due to his garden but his bedroom was filled with book shelves. The books were dusty and this was having more of an impact of his health than the garden!

Nutritional Assessment

Nutrition plays a huge role in health and having access to your kitchen teaches me about the benefits and limits that your nutrition is playing. It can also serve as an educational moment for us to discuss serving sizes and nutritional content of the food you are eating!

Easier on Families

Home visits are easier on families with elders and children. I can do an intake while children are playing nearby or an elder relaxes in their favorite chair.

Physical Exam

A physical exam can be performed on a bed, couch or even a chair so you will still be able to get the same care as you would in an office setting.