Welcome to Simple Family Health!

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Our Goal is to provide Simple and Natural Health Care Solutions for Bay Area Families.

Our focus is to help our community get well and learn ways to stay healthy through natural therapies, diet changes, lifestyle choices and preventative medicine.

By creating a truly unique community space, we hope to fill the gap in our current medical model and to empower the whole community through holistic and sustainable health care practices.

Simple Family Health Clinic was founded by Dr. Jennifer Strider, Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Strider envisioned a space where families of different sizes, shapes, ethnicities and income levels could come together to find a group of caring practitioners who would work as a team to help those families stay healthy. Initially, the clinic was a Naturopathic Clinic but we have grown to have multiple practitioners who all will work together to find the best health care solutions for you! Simple Family Health is truly an Integrative family practice clinic and with your help, we will continue to grow and serve our community.

Our goal is to help you feel your best so you can laugh often and love more.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you, please set up a
free fifteen minute consultation (in office or over the phone) by using our online booking or giving us a call at (510) 903-9296

Sliding scale available, based upon income. (Proof of income required)